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Without Surprise


The Poet & Musician Tony Maude wrote a poem for children about a woodland owl, and a visit to the animals at London  zoo. Published in book form in 2013 by LightEye Pilgrimage Publications the text and cover were illustrated by thirty pencil and ink drawings by Monica.

With the kind permission of the author we reproduce lines from the poem here along with a few of the illustrations.

First edition signed copies of the book are available from Studio Ginger Bunny at 12 including uk postage













       Dreaming of the poor mice               

         who would be his dinner












       November when the frost comes brittle

       The forest's bones all creak and crackle.













       Warm spring days when buds are born,

       Nature rubs her eyes, breaks free













       Whatever season smiles or scowls,

       It's all the same to Mr. Owl.










       I'm not that mean, don't get me wrong

       I just hoped the money'd gone

       To buy the lions juicy bones

       Or even get them tickets home.











       A London lion's life's no joke

       and I'm sure they'd love to see their folks.













       We saw tigers pacing nervously

       The gorilla's distant dignity.












       Rats and snakes and other things

      and birds that didn't sing.








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